wtf, where have I been?

Wrapped around administrivia and solitary confinement, the worst of which I hope is now behind me. Currently re/discovering identity in alleyways off some (no name) platform along the rails ... found one that feels like home.

These alleys run through imagination, in a virtual reality with hard edges of learning that are incredibly rewarding. The tools of imagination include gimp (photoshop), SL scripting/building/et al., ftp, iso, bit torrents, blogs, rss readers, all to varying degrees familiar but not. New music, languages, people ... like stepping into the cockpit of an explosion aimed at life. Bound to hit something as I am flung toward ... mastery? I don't think that's any more possible than proof.

Emotionally, the acceleration of experience requires faith. There are belly-sucking drops and giddy highs. I simply have to remind myself from time to time that it all goes to the good, as long as I don't jump off, and remember to eat the occasional crow.

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